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The heating mat is an excellent solution for reheating the terrarium without the need to install additional lighting, which may unnecessarily stress some tropical animals. The mat evenly heats the entire surface of the substrate. The mat is resistant to mechanical damage and water.
It has a set of self-adhesive feet that enable the correct assembly of the mat under the terrarium.

Heating mats for terrariums are characterized by extremely high efficiency.
As much as 86% of the heat generated by the mat is emitted vertically, directly to the heated terrarium.
Heating with the Repti-Zoo mat brings heat evenly distributed to the terrarium, heating all or part of the surface if you choose a smaller mat.

Proper heating of the terrarium significantly increases the metabolism of reptiles and activates reproductive behavior, improves appetite and simulates the natural heating of the substrate.
An additional advantage of using a heating mat is extremely low power consumption.

Superior mats from the Repti-Zoo manufacturer have special feet that allow you to create the necessary space between the mat and the bottom of the terrarium.
This solution effectively improves the quality of the mat’s operation and improves the degree of heat distribution, at the same time ensuring a long life of the mat and prevents spot overheating of the mat.
The legs are adapted to work in high temperatures and have a permanent adhesive that allows them to be easily attached to the bottom of the terrarium.

The mat has all European and American certificates, guaranteeing safe, failure-free and long operation of the device.
The products are resistant to splashes, flooding and high humidity.

It has an IPX4 tightness class.

Technical data:
– dimensions: 14x15cm
– power: 5W


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