Heating mat with regulation 7W 15 x 28 cm – Terrario Premium Repti Pad

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The heating mat is an ideal solution for terrariums, especially when traditional heat sources take up too much space.
Due to the fact that it is placed under the tank, it ensures even heating of the entire terrarium or part of it in order to create a heat island.
The durability of such a solution is ensured by an extremely resistant to high temperature nickel-chromium alloy.

Heating mats for terrariums are characterized by extremely high efficiency. As much as 86% of the heat generated by the mat is emitted vertically, directly to the heated terrarium. A potentiometer mounted on the power cord allows you to regulate the amount of generated heat. An additional advantage of using a heating mat is extremely low power consumption.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 15 x 28cm
Power: 7W
Service life: approx. 30,000 hours
The length of the generated infrared waves: 8-15 µm


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