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We LEGALLY ship ants with “LIVE ANIMALS” sticker for following countries via UPS Express Saver !

Stuff except live insects we ship worldwide.


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• Croatia
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• United States [ in progress – working on it ]
• Great Britain [ in progress – working on it ]


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The ants arrived safely. This store is very reliable. If I want to buy ant queens in the future, I will go to this store.


Jan V.

Messor cephalotes – she arrived now. Thank you, everything is good! She is huge! 😮 Everything was fine. Well packed.

Dr Lorenzo F.

Good morning, received yesterday queen with about 20 workers in excellent condition. You leave Poland the day before and arrive in less than 24 hours. Thanks a lot to the seller


Professional and reliable ant shop with a wide range of ant species. Very good service with quick delivery to Finland. I got fine, big and beautiful queens with healthy workers.


Healthy colony with brood.
Would buy again!


The shipment arrived in good order, all the ants were alive and in good condition. There were 10-20 ordered and there were 12 pieces in the shipment. It was delivered in 48 hours to Slovakia. This is my second order of ants on AntSatan and I can only recommend it!! Well thank you


Received my order – every single ant is alive, vital and agile her majesty of course as well! Even two to three fresh eggs were visible.
5 Stars from us for this colony and the fast order-delivery process! Thanks AntSatan – will most likely not the last order from us and a recommendation for my friends for future colony orders!


The order arrived in good order, all the ants were in good condition. Sent the next day after ordering, well packaged. I recommend!! Thank you