Heating mat with regulation 45W 80x28cm – Terrario Premium Repti Pad

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The heating mat is an ideal solution for formicaria / terrariums, especially when traditional heat sources take up too much space. Due to the fact that it is placed under the tank, it ensures even heating of the entire formicarium / terrarium or part of it in order to create a heat island. The durability of such a solution is ensured by an extremely resistant to high temperature nickel-chromium alloy.

Heating mats intended for formicariums / terrariums are characterized by extremely high efficiency. As much as 86% of the heat generated by the mat is emitted vertically, directly to the heated formarium / terrarium. A potentiometer mounted on the power cord allows you to regulate the amount of generated heat. An additional advantage of using a heating mat is extremely low power consumption.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 80x28cm
Power: 45W
Service life: approx. 30,000 hours
The length of the generated infrared waves: 8-15 µm


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