Acrylic formicarium 2

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The formicarium is entirely made of the best quality acrylic. Precise laser cuts and attention to micro details ensure the best performance and perfect tightness and quality of the product. The formicarium is based on many years of experience. Therefore, it has technical solutions that non-original competitors’ products do not have.

Features and Benefits:

– The arena is assembled without the use of assembly screws, which allows for quick disassembly for e.g. cleaning. Accidental opening, e.g. as a result of hitting the formarium, is prevented by the assembly rubbers. The arena has a removable flap that facilitates quick feeding and nursing work. A system of ventilation openings in the cover maintains an appropriate constant humidity inside the enclosure.

There is a hole in the arena to connect the arenas, creating a network of anthills or to enable possible relocation. The hole with a diameter of 10mm is secured with a removable plug.

– King’s Valley Nest has a specially developed and patented system of chambers. The six chambers are placed in three pairs opposite to each other. This ensures the formation of three different humidities between the pairs of chambers. Additionally, the first pair of chambers has a separate humidification system, which enables the creation of different humidity in the cells of the first pair.

Various humidity in the chambers is conducive to the development of an ant colony, which, using various conditions, will use individual chambers to arrange them separately for storing food, to create an incubator chamber and to create a royal chamber.

– The moisturizing sponges do not come from the household or horticultural industry. The appropriate foam material ensures the best sterile conditions and long-lasting and, most importantly, even hydration.

The set includes a syringe and a needle for watering the foam.

– whole formarium: 170mm x 110mm x 110mm
– arena part: 85mm x 110mm x 110mm
– socket part: 100mm x 100mm x 20mm


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