Acrylic formicarium L3

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A hermetic formicarium for ants breeding, with total dimensions of 23.8 cm [length] / 14 cm [width] / 10.5 cm [height].

In the L3 formicarium, the socket part is screwed together with screws, and in the case of the arena it is composed of strong rubber bands.

The external dimensions of the socket are 16/14 / 1.5 cm

The internal height of the chambers in the nest part is 0.8 cm.

The internal dimensions of the arena are 12.5 / 6.9 / 8.3 cm

Part of the arena has two openings allowing the connection of other nests / arenas with a diameter of 1 cm with the formicarium.

The arena cover / opening measures 7.5 cm [width] 4 cm [length] and has a 34th incision for ventilation.

On the front and back walls of the arena there are further cuts, a total of 32 – 16 at the front and 16 at the rear.

The nest part has 36 chambers, 18 of which are ventilation cuts, each of which gives a total of 54 ventilation cuts in the nest part.

A very big advantage of the formicarium, and more precisely the nesting part, are sluices of 10 [these are places where the passage of ants to further chambers is blocked].

As the colony grows, new chambers for ants are made available.


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