Cork formicarium “T” XL – nest with arena

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Tight formicarium for breeding ants with total dimensions of 30 cm [length] / 10 cm [width] / 27.3 cm [height].
The entire T cork formicarium is assembled using very strong rubber bands [no possibility of breaking]
The internal dimensions of the socket are 25 cm / 20 cm
The thickness of the cork is 1 cm.
The internal dimensions of the arena are 28.8 / 8.8 / 6 cm
Part of the arena has two holes allowing for connecting other nests/arenas with a diameter of 1 cm to the formicarium.
The arena cover/opening measures 7.5 cm [width] 4 cm [length] and has 34 slots for ventilation.
On the front and back walls of the arena there are 80 further cuts in total – 40 at the front and 40 at the back.
The nest part has 16 chambers, 6 of which are ventilation chambers, 3 notches on each side, giving a total of 36 ventilation slits in the nest part.
A very big advantage of the formicarium, and more precisely the nest part, are the 8 locks [these are places where the passage of ants to further chambers is blocked].
As the colony grows, new chambers for ants become available.