Plastic terrarium S

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The terrarium is made of transparent plastic.
Dedicated to the breeding of small insects.
The container is extremely simple and easy to use.

What can it be used for?

First of all, it is great for breeding insects. Easy operation means that the youngest lover of the exotic world can handle breeding.

As a feeder container?
Why not? We all know that food cups (crickets, larvae, etc.) are quite “flimsy”. It is better not to speak openly about an accidental incident. Especially my wife or parents. Therefore, the use of containers is a much better solution. Just pour the feed into this container and you’ll sleep well.

Exotic animal exhibitions:
Breeder. Showcase your pets in nice containers. They are perfect for transporting animals. Due to the low price, sell the frog, spider or whatever along with the container. Your customers will appreciate it.

About functionality:

Strong plastic:
The box is indestructible. Probably more than once you will accidentally check it and exhale loudly with the comic book “ufff”.

Firmly placed on the box. It has hooks blocking accidental opening. In addition, it is equipped with a feeding hole – also with hooks.

1mm in diameter. It’s perfect ventilation.

6.5×6.5×4.5cm (width x length x height)


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