Acrylic arena with cork S4

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A hermetic ant breeding arena, made of strong rubber bands with a total dimensions of 28 cm [length] / 15.4 cm [width] / 10.5 cm [height].

The internal dimensions of the arena are 26.5 cm / 12.3 cm / 8.3 cm.

The depth of the cork cuts from the socket part is 0.6 cm.

Cover / opening 13 cm [width] 8 cm [length] plus a total of 18 cuts for ventilation.

There are 32 incisions on the back wall of the arena, and in the nest part with 10 chambers, 6 of them have 3 incisions for ventilation.

It has 2 holes on the side walls that allow for connecting other nests / arenas with a diameter of 1 cm with the formicarium.


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