Fluon – Ant Blocker – an ant barrier

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AntBlocker – [fluon] the most effective preparation preventing ants from escaping formicarium.

What is Ant Blocker:

AntBlocker [fluon] is by far the most effective product designed to protect formicarium against the escape of ants.
Thanks to the proper use of Ant Blocker, we are able to calmly do any cleaning activities in the arena, etc. without fear that the ants will start running away.

Directions for use:

Before use, gently stir the bottle. We avoid sudden, longer movements that may cause the product to foam. We apply the preparation on smooth, clean surfaces [acrylic / glass], preferably with a cotton swab, which we soak in water and wring. Subsequently, we soak the cotton pad in the preparation and lubricate the upper surface of the arena / formicarium with a single, smooth movement. A perfectly applied preparation is almost transparent, it should not leave any larger streaks or thickenings. We leave it for about 10-15 minutes for perfect drying. If necessary, apply a thin layer of the preparation again.
It is recommended that the ants be observed after the operation has been performed in order to verify the correctness of the applied product and the inability of the ants to escape.

Composition: polytetrafluoroethylene

Capacity: 10 ml / 30 ml / 50 ml / 100 ml


absolutely keep out of the reach of children,
not to drink
keep away from the sun at room temperature max. 25 degrees,
the container must be tightly closed.


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