Heating bulb – Super Reptile Basking-Sun 50W

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The Super Reptile Basking-Sun heating bulb is a specially designed and patented super reflector that focuses up to 35% more heat than competitors’ products.

The bulb acts as daylight, positively influencing the well-being of animals.

This product increases the temperature throughout the entire enclosure.

The patented design has a unique lens shape and a built-in reflector, thus creating a focused beam of heat, which creates an island of warm light, while it is diffused by the milky-colored glass which imitates naturally diffused sunlight.

The bulb emits UVA and infrared rays, contributing to the proper development of your pet (digestion, thermoregulation, stimulates reproductive behavior, increases appetite, affects activity). The point action allows you to install the product at a greater distance from the bottom of the catwalk.

– 50W power
– E27 thread


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