Messor cephalotes

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Extremely rare, native to Africa, the largest species of Messor ants in the world. The size of the queen is over 20mm. A beautifully colored species compared to other Messor.

Messor cephalotes

Species name: Messor cephalotes
Maintenance level: Easy
Origin: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania
Queen: Size: 20-25 mm
Worker: Size: 6 – 18 mm
Nutrition: Seeds and insects (fruit flies, crickets, cockroaches, etc.) and fruit
Humidity: Arena: 30–50%. Nest: 40–60%.
Temperature: Arena: 24 – 30 ° C Socket: 24 – 28 ° C.

One of the image shows the power of the size of Messor cephalotes compared to Manica rubida and Solenopsis fugax.


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