Messor cephalotes

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Extremely rare, native to Africa, the largest species of Messor ants in the world. The size of the queen is up to 25mm. A beautifully colored species compared to other Messor.

Messor cephalotes – beautifully colored, reddish queen 2023

Species name: Messor cephalotes
Maintenance level: Middle
Origin: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania
Queen: Size: 22-25 mm
Worker: Size: 6 – 18 mm
Nutrition: Seeds and insects (fruit flies, crickets, cockroaches, etc.) and fruit
Humidity: Arena: 30–50%. Nest: 40–60%.
Temperature: Arena: 22 – 30 ° C Socket: 25 – 26 ° C.

2 reviews for Messor cephalotes

  1. And

    I bought from this store cephalotes, everything is fine. Delivery in two days. Delivery with a “live animals” sticker, never seen anything like it. Thank you!

  2. dr lorenzo ferrari (verified owner)

    good morning, received yesterday queen with about 20 workers in excellent condition. You leave Poland the day before and arrive in less than 24 hours. Thanks a lot to the seller

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