Komodo Jelly Pot – flavored jelly for reptiles and insects

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Komodo Jelly Pots are a convenient way to ensure constant access to fresh food for reptiles and insects.
The product in the form of a gel retains its properties for a long time, providing animals with the necessary vitamins and food.
Jelly Pot’s have different flavors of nectars and fruit to diversify the diet and adjust the selected flavor and dietary supplement to a specific species of pet.

Jelly Pot’s nectars or fruit in gel are a complete diet for reptiles and insects. They are resistant to high and low temperature as well as high and low humidity. It is an ideal solution for maintaining a balanced diet and for serving a variety of flavors, including vitamins and minerals, completely adapting to the needs of the animal. In addition to a diet for reptiles and farmed insects, Jelly Pot’s is a convenient way to provide well-fed live food (feedings), which in turn provides the reptiles with nutrients. One container contains 16 grams of gel.

Available flavors:


Provides vitamins:
– Vitamin A
– vitamin C

The product is specially dedicated to:
– crested gecko (Correlophus ciliatus)
– bearded agama (Pogona vitticeps)
– leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius)
– Madagascar felsuma (Phelsuma madagascariensis)
– all semi-terrestrial turtles
– all insects (crickets, beetles, cockroaches and millipedes)

Thanks to its convenient form, shape and consistency, the Jelly Pot can simply be placed in a terrarium or a feed container.

Komodo – present on the UK market for 20 years. Foods and vitamins of their production are the best-selling foods in Western Europe, and their products are recognized by herpetologists and breeders around the world. Komodo, thanks to its commitment to creating the best-class products, has been the absolute leader in the quality of terrarium products for years. The brand is co-created with the participation of breeders from Great Britain, for years it has been setting new trends among producers of terrarium products, especially food and vitamins.

Expiration date 09/2022


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