Ant Expert – houses – mini decoration

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The micro decoration of the house will be perfect for any formarium, terrarium, aquarium or in the forest in a jar. Made of ceramics, it is resistant to humidity, water and high temperature. Ant Expert decorations are one of the most beautiful on the market. Precision painting is done by hand.

Decoration – Nano House:
A miniature house. It is made with the greatest attention to micro details. The pattern of the form provides even different shapes of bricks and stones from which the house is built, boards from doors or shutters, roof tiles, etc. Hand painting completes and highlights every detail, thanks to which the house becomes a stunning decoration.
The phenomenal decoration becomes a grotesque decoration of every terrarium, aquarium, formicarium or forest jar.
Placed on a flat base, it can be easily placed on any surface.

Dimensions: (African sand hut)

– height 35 mm
– width 35 mm
– length 24 mm








Dimensions: (African Stone Hut)

– height 35 mm
– width 35 mm
– length 24 mm








Dimensions: (Scandinavian dark house)

– height 34 mm
– width 35 mm
– length 22 mm


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