Anochetus risii

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Anochetus risii ants belong to the so-called trap-jaw ants and show similar behavior to the Odontomachus ants. They have very specific jaws and their movement is one of the fastest in the animal kingdom.

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Anochetus risii – queen with 10-20 workers.

Species name: Anochetus risii
Holding level: Medium
Origin: Taiwan, Vietnam, China.
Queen: Size: 6 – 7 mm
Worker: Size: 5 – 6 mm
Nutrition: Insects (fruit flies, crickets, cockroaches, etc.) and honey and fruit
Humidity: Arena: 40-60% Nest: 50-70%
Temperature: Arena: 24 – 28 ° C Socket: 22 – 26 ° C


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